The Exciting Game of Video Poker


Video Poker is a revolution in casino gambling that involves digitizing the actual thing. It is based mainly on the concept of the Slot machine. It, unlike any other gambling game, involves placing a certain number of credits in favor of a predicted occurrence.

The concept involves probability techniques that determine the chances of a person winning depending on the particular pay schedule. The Full Pay mode is one of the famous versions of Video Poker. It offers chances of getting pay back percentages up to 99.54% or more qq online.

As you can come to expect of such popular games, there are several variants of video poker, some of the more famous being “Deuces Wild”, there are also multi-play options available going from Triple Play, Five play up to Fifty and hundred play versions. In games like full play mode, where pay back percentages are very high, that players lose in the order of $ 1 to $ 2 for every $ 100 wagered over a period of time. But this of course can be only achieved with near perfect playing strategies.

Games like Full pay jacks offer the highest pay back percentage of 99.54%. Systems are designed to work such that the higher you bet the higher are the pay back percentages. We can see this in a statistical format, where a person who batch 3 credits has a higher pay back percentage of say 98.5% than someone who batch 1 credit with a lower pay back percentage of 98%. There are solutions that offer even larger pay back percentages going over a 100% especially in games like Double bonuses, which are known to offer up to 100.2% in pay back percentages.

It is however useful to know that although the chances of winning sound enticing, the pay schedule offered by many casinos is below standard and only a few of the top casinos offer higher returns and greater probabilities of winning. Video poker is truly a hit.

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